The twinning group has been active for 35 years and continues to thrive.  We visit each other around Easter time, alternating between La Ferté visiting Wells and vice versa.

Wells is a small town on the North Norfolk coast with a port, sandy beaches and pinewoods; its main industry is tourism with some fishing.  La Ferte is situated in the Sologne area of France near Orleans and the countryside is mainly forest with sandy soil and ponds.

These two towns provide a sharp contrast between the seaside of Wells and the chateaux of the Loire near La Ferte.

The aims of the group are:

    1. to promote friendship between the people of the two towns. Many long lasting friendships have been forged over the years and we hope that this will continue into the future.

    2. to foster an understanding of each other's way of life and day-to-day living.

    3. to encourage an understanding of each other's cultural and educational experiences.


Get involved

We are always looking for people to join the group.  There are many ways to take part in the activities of the Wells Twinning Association, joining the group and visiting this beautiful region of France, hosting French guests, attending the fund raising events and much more, for more information, just contact us.


Twinning map showing geographical relationship between the two towns


La Ferté St. Aubin has its own website at: