Visits to La Ferté St. Aubin

Our visits to France, originally lasting four days, but now six, usually take place around Easter, are open to anybody, of any age in Wells or the surrounding area.

The journey by luxury coach takes up to fourteen hours, but is surprisingly enjoyable with frequent refreshment stops.

The channel is crossed either by ferry or the shuttle.

Aboard the ferry

In 2017 our friends from La Ferte visited Wells; thanks to the French presidential election the visit was a day shorter than usual but we managed to fit in visits to Holkham, Ware Hall House, Peter Beales Roses and the mid-Norfolk railway. As usual, a wonderful banquet was held at the Alderman Peel High School on the Friday evening with a few speeches and much hilarity.

In 2018 we visited La Ferte and amongst other places visited were historic Vendome, a restored windmill, a demonstration of wood carving, a fantastic museum of art in a restored chateau and a radio telescope (most people fell asleep here thanks to the generous lunch and the comfortable seats).  The food and drink were superb (as always) and no one left France hungry or thirsty.

The trip to Wells in 2019 will be from 9th to 14th April and a programme of visits has been arranged followed as usual by a banquet which this year will be held in the new Maltings.

the gardens in La Ferté

The Palace of Versailles
The official reception

A time for good byes

At the end of the visit there is a time for good byes and thanks between the English President of the Twinning Committee and the Secretary of the French Committee.



A time for good byes.

Returning home

After each visit to France we have a get together of all those who went on the trip - as well as the partners if they were left behind - and have a bring and share french Supper.

Again a delightful social event.


There are now permanent reminders of Wells-next-the-Sea in La Ferté St. Aubin. Their Twinning Committee have placed a brass plaque (on which our town's name is inscribed) in the pavement outside the tourist office and we have given each member of the Committee a Queen Elizabeth Rose.  At the Alderman Peel High School three trees have been planted which were donated by La Ferte.

Lasting friendships

Many of us have formed lasting friendships with the folk from La Ferté. Reciprocal visits are made outside the organised events and each year new people are involved on either side.

It is not necessary to repay hospitality,or even to go to La Ferté after giving hospitality, although, of course, many people wish to do so.

It is certainly not necessary to be able to speak French, or to have any knowledge of France - merely to be willing to enjoy a new experience. It is an easy way of seeing a little of everyday life in another country, and showing some of our way of life and our region in return.


Alternate Years 

On alternate years, we receive a group from La Ferté St. Aubin, on the same basis.

In the two years between receiving our french visitors, we concentrate on fund-raising, because entrance fees, lunches and an evening party cost at least £6,500, for a group of about 50 people for the six days.  Details of things happening are on the events page of the website and we do hope that you will be able to join us for some or all of these.



We always receive funding from Wells Town Council and Holkham which is greatly appreciated.

A great deal of work is involved organising participation, accommodation, events, transport and so on.

Help with the fund -raising is much appreciated.

These events result in most enjoyable social occasions, keep the twinning in view throughout the year, involve lots of local people and make use of different venues for different types of occasion.

Lasting friendships